Summer 2019 has seen the commencement of a new photo-series focusing on pre-war garages and petrol filling stations. Once a regular sight on the roads around the UK, the rise of the giant fuel chains and the ever present supermarket filling stations have seen the number of these humble structures dwindle.

Frenchay Garage, Bristol

Architecturally they vary hugely, from pre-twentieth century survivors reconfigured to capitalise on the birth of the motor car, through to streamline machine-age structures of the mid-1930s. Wooden sheds, aircraft hangers, blacksmiths forges, weird greenhouse extensions on earlier buildings, and futuristic brick cabins will all make an appearance in the collection. Some are still in use, others re-purposed for alternative use, but many are derelict.

Keep an eye on my social media for regular posts from my ‘adventures’ around the country, coming to you courtesy of my 1976 Mercedes 280E.

If you are interested in working with me in this project, either in a publishing or exhibiting aspect, or in collaboration (I’d be interested to hear from any established motoring writers who would be interested in writing an introduction to a prospective book on the series), please get in touch.

Much Marcle wm
Much Marcle Garage. A WW1 aircraft hanger converted into a garage in 1924.