Cinema Style – Fin

After two weeks of evenings spent scaling the heady heights of our lounge on a wobbly ladder we have completion in the Graham & Brown Cinema wallpaper project. It’s subtle but very effective, even if it doesn’t exactly dazzle in the photos. Pattern matching in the corners wasn’t even remotely easy considering the uneven nature of our aged walls, but as long as you don’t look too closely.. it’s passable.

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Cinema style

Tonight I find myself at the top of a ladder trying to hang some wallpaper in the lounge. It’s going relatively we’ll, but my paste covered fingers are struggling to grip the shiny surface to ensure perfect pattern match. “I don’t remember it being this blimin’ tricky” I yell down to Tash who’s hovering with tea, brownies and encouragement, but even after two lengths, I can tell it’s going to be worth the strife.

The lounge, pre-wall paper.
The lounge, pre-wall paper.

Until now we’ve had perfectly serviceable walls dressed in a matt emulsion  called ‘vintage white’. A generous assortment of paintings cheered up the blank slabs and injected welcome bursts of colour. We had no reason to alter this happy arrangement until I became aware of the ‘Cinema’ range of wallpapers from Graham & Brown. In the past I’ve occasionally stumbled across some 30s or deco influenced papers, but they’re usually either pretty naff with excess glitter that rubs off with the lightest of touches, or full on 30’s reprints that tend to look a bit oppressive and loud.

Graham and Brown Cinema in cream and gold
Graham and Brown Cinema in cream and gold

A sample in cream and gold was duly ordered, and it became clear that this was a bit of winner. We could add a touch of silver screen glamour to our lives, and cover the whole living room for less than £200. It’s a superfresco vinyl paper, so slightly embossed and pretty easy to work with. It also means you can paste the wall rather than the paper, which is new to me (but seems to work OK).

So here I am trying to hang the stuff… Which may take several evenings, but will hopefully be well worth it.

A work in progress
A work in progress

Out with the new, in with old.

Having spent the last 4 or so years filling our humble home with items from (or inspired by) the designs of the inter-war years, we’ve got a fairly sizable assortment of bits and bobs. Each new purchase brings another room one step closer to the film set perfection I’m aiming for. But like the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, with each step forward, the final goal seems to move further away.. which is probably why I enjoy it so much. It’s a life’s ambition!

The latest thing on my want list was a suitably period light fitting for our lounge. Until now I had shied away from collecting anything that could be called a fixture or fitting as I’ve never been that comfortable with the idea of installing 1930s modernism in our 1860s flat.. but I couldn’t live with that ‘traditional’ B&Q chandelier in our lounge any more.. so the quest for a new light fitting was on.

A large quantity of the stuff I buy is from ebay; OK it’s not the most romantic way of shopping. No trawling through the basements of dusty antique shops or haggling with wheeler dealers at the local flea fair, but with an 18 month old in tow most of the time its an easy way of satisfying my decoholic obsession. On this occasion I found what I was looking for fairly quickly. Multiple lights on a brass frame with some simple yet bold glass shades. To be honest I’m not 100% sure this is from the 30s, more likely early 50s (the little red ball finial looks particularly mid-century to me), but never the less, it’s a smashing addition and me and the Mrs are dead pleased with it.

Before & After - A justified upgrade!
Before & After – A justified upgrade!